What is www.dinarshops.com? By Suzanna Vadillo

The Dinarshops Network is the official World Islamic Mint online directory that compiles the thousands of businesses around the world that accept Gold Dinars and Silver Dirhams as a means of payment. The aim is to help people to find businesses and shops close to them, in their cities and villages, in which they can use their dinars and dirhams and be informed of the network of wakalas (agencies) in which they can acquire more coins.

We are working every day developing new features and tools to make the website more user-friendly. We want to create a space in which people can find the answer to all their doubts about the use and promotion of these gold and silver coins; an interactive network in which everybody can collaborate. Our ambition is to expand Dinarshops Network all around the world by continuously promoting a real sharing of wealth, using a means of payment of Real Value.

Why promote the use of dinar and dirham in shops and businesses?

Trade should be based on mutual consent and freedom to choose the means of payment. Paper money does not have value in itself; rather it only has the value that the governments or the stock markets tell us it has. Throughout history there have been examples of how a currency becomes either worthless or is dramatically devalued in a short period of time. We, the people, the citizens of the world, the users of these currencies, do not have any control over the value of the money that we have in our pockets, money that we work so hard to obtain. Every day, by specific amounts, our savings are losing value through inflation – depending on the country, on the moment, on the stock markets and on a lot of factors that completely escape our control; and these amounts are not inconsiderable. Up until now we have had no means to stop this leak in our savings and salaries.

The moment has come for this to change, for us to take the reins of our own wealth. We believe that by using a currency that has value in itself we eliminate from the equation that very factor that escapes our control. The transaction between the buyer and the seller then becomes an act of freedom where there is no space for an uninvited third party, dictating to us the value of anything – with these pieces of paper with a number on them.

Promoting the circulation of gold dinars and silver dirhams will make a real currency of gold and silver and by expanding the number of people accepting and using the coins, the possibilities of getting rid of the paper money increase exponentially. If we can create a scenario in which we can buy all our daily needs, paying with real money, we will be able to say: “We don’t need these ‘pieces of paper’ anymore!”

There is just one way to achieve our aim – by expanding the number of shops and businesses that accept gold and silver and promote their use among their clients.

How you can register your business in Dinarshops Network?

Visit our website www.dinarshops.com or send us an email with your business information to info@dinarshops.com.